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National Geographic Online gives you access to the complete back file of articles from 1888 until present, featuring stunning photographs and captivating historical accounts on culture, global events, nature, science, anthropology, geography and the environment. Explore vivid photographs and insightful articles featuring vibrant graphics that tell a compelling story through images.

Researchers can use search term frequency within content sets to identify central themes and assess how individuals, places, events and ideas connect and evolve over time.

About National Geographic

What online national geographic is, is an electronic version of the magazine and related products published by the National Geographic Society. Established in 1888, this nonprofit scientific and educational organization is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating organizations.

Its mission is to promote geographic literacy while safeguarding the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources. Based in Washington D.C., The Society was founded with a vision of increasing geographic knowledge worldwide and helping ensure their conservation is sustained for future generations.

The Society produces the monthly National Geographic Magazine as well as numerous other magazines, books, school products, maps, web and film products in numerous languages and countries around the world.

Its success has been due to its use of photojournalism to provide stunning color images of nature from locations worldwide. Additionally, The Society is renowned for its pioneering efforts to promote conservation of Earth’s beauty and for the quality writing in its articles. Through these initiatives, The Society has helped connect cultures and enlightened people to both Earth’s beauty and its challenges as an environment.


Subscribing to National Geographic is an excellent way to stay informed on current events and gain a deeper understanding of our world. Every issue is packed with captivating articles, captivating full-color maps and stunning photos that will inspire you to explore further.

Since 1888, National Geographic magazine has been publishing continuously. Its captivating photographs depict global cultures and traditions as well as insightful analyses of human history and development. As the flagship publication of the National Geographic Society, its content often blurs the line between science and storytelling – making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in discovering their world.

Subscribing to National Geographic magazine comes with one year of digital access to all content available on and the app, including all of the magazine’s best articles from recent years as well as all popular pieces in every issue since 1888. After checkout, you will be sent a confirmation email containing your digital access account number.

Getting Started

Teachers of all levels and subjects can take advantage of the National Geographic Educator Certification, a FREE online course that helps you incorporate more global issues into your teaching. The certification typically runs three cohorts annually: September, January and April.

National Geographic offers educators a wealth of resources, from lesson planning to professional development. Furthermore, they offer a paid internship program for students interested in developing job-related skills.

To become a National Geographic photographer, you need at least five years of professional photojournalism experience. This field is highly competitive so it is recommended that you gain experience working for other prestigious publications.

The best way to be published in National Geographic is by writing about something that excites and inspires you. Their editors look for articles with unique perspectives that bring a fresh perspective to their magazine.

Using the App

If you’re a fan of live TV shows and documentaries, the National Geographic app is an ideal choice. Available on both iOS and Android devices, it offers plenty of content.

Upon first opening the app, you’ll notice it’s divided into several tabs. These include Home, Browse, Live TV, Search and Account Options.

Nat Geo WILD offers wildlife content in its dedicated section, plus shows about polar bears, cheetahs and more. With such a diverse selection of shows available to viewers worldwide, there’s sure to be something suitable for everyone here!

The National Geographic app also includes a free trial of National Geographic Channel that can be used for nearly one month. Cord cutters can watch National Geographic without cable with various services like Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV and fuboTV.

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