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How to View Friends Wishlist on Steam

Steam is a platform that enables users to interact and play video games with their friends. In addition to chatting, users can add games to their wishlists – an ideal way to keep track of all the titles you’d like to purchase in the future or as gifts for friends.

How to Access Your Friends Wishlist on Steam

There are several ways you can access your friend’s wishlist on Steam, such as through the app on your mobile device. First, sign in to your Steam account if necessary. From there, navigate to their friends page and click “view wishlist”, which displays all games they have added to it. From there you can select one game to gift them if desired.

How to Buy Games From Your Friends’ Wishlist on Steam

Another excellent way to purchase games from your friends’ wishlist is using a gift card. You can buy this with either your Steam wallet or by purchasing digital gift cards through the Steam app. Purchasing a gift card is quick and effortless, allowing you to give them an excellent present in no time!

How to Encourage Players to Add Your Game to Their Steam Wishlist

In order for more people to add your game to their wishlist on Steam, make sure your store front is ready when announcements are made. For many developers, this is the key to pre-launch success as it shows that players are interested in your title and want to stay informed about it.

Jake Birkett, founder of Grey Alien Games, suggests that one way to increase your wishlists before launch is by making a big announcement and running an exclusive sale for your game after it launches. Corey Warning – co-founder of indie studio Rose City Games – concurs that having an impressive wishlist is essential in pre-launch marketing strategies.

How to Access Your Friend’s Steam Wishlist on PC, Mac and Linux

On a PC, click their profile icon then select ‘Wishlist’ in the upper menu. Alternatively, open Steam App on mobile devices and log in using your account credentials for easy access to their wishlist.

How to Access Your Friends’ Steam Wishlist on iPhone and Android

Launch the Steam app, log in with your account if necessary, scroll down until you spot your friend’s avatar and click to open their profile page.

To add something to your wishlist, first click ‘Wishlist’ in the upper left corner of their profile. Alternatively, you can select ‘Wishlist’ from within your app’s main menu by tapping ‘Start a wishlist’.

Once you do this, you can view all of the games your friend has added to their wishlist and add them to your own. After adding all the titles to your own wishlist, head over to Steam Store and purchase them as gifts for your buddies – what an exciting way to surprise them and make their day!

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