Why Demand for Kraft Stand Up Pouches Expected to Grow in the Future Years?

Despite being developed almost 40 years ago it took Kraft stand up pouches some time to become widely accepted in the flexible packaging market. According to estimates, nearly 19 billion stand up pouch packaging solutions were supplied in Europe back in 2009, which accounts for 5% of all converted flexible packaging in the continent. 

In terms of volume, wet pet foods accounted for almost one third, while non-retortable food pouches accounted for one-third of the growth. Packed bags were made with 975 million square meters of laminate, when 65% was used for pre-made pouches, and the rest was delivered as reels to packers.

The stand up pouch coffee is another format that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as brands, retailers, and consumers realize the advantages it offers. Thanks to its environmental superiority, cost-effectiveness, and being a convenient alternative to rigid packages. As a result, stand up pouches will continue to be in high demand in the future too.

They are in high demand due to several factors, including new packaging machinery. Due to this machinery, production and filling speeds have increased immensely along with sealing efficiency. The laminate material has also become more heat- and puncture-resistant thanks to technological advancements.

Food retailers and brand owners have also taken advantage of the Kraft stand up pouches’ consumer benefits. Since it offers them convenient features like easy-opening, re-closing, and measured dosing. Its large graphic area for presentation and transparency options are appealing to marketers as well.

Brands, Manufacturers, and Consumers Benefit from Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Depending on the needs of your product and its contents, stand up pouches can offer a number of potential benefits. Among them are:

  • Easily Resealable

In many cases, stand up pouch coffee format can be resealable, which is a major advantage for consumers. Using reclosable sliding zippers, for instance, prevents consumable goods from spoiling. Furthermore, people with disabilities or issues with dexterity will find the products easier to open and close.

  • Clear View

Pouches can be transparent. Consumers can view the contents of the container through their windows, which increases the likelihood of sales. Consumers want to see the product before purchasing as knowing ingredients on the label is not enough.

  • Positives of Recycling

A key ingredient for today’s market expectations is that these Kraft stand up pouches are often recyclable, or made from sustainable materials. On the other hand, in multilayer pouches with foil and other barrier layers, there are limitations.

  • Material Savings

In comparison to other packaging options, stand up pouches requires less material, which leads to less waste and low manufacturing costs. Additionally, since they’re lighter, transporting them from one place to another also costs less compared to traditional packaging options that are widely used in the market. As consumers seek more sustainable solutions, these pouches prove to be the best option for retailers.

  • Spouts

Consumable products such as sauces and other liquids can be easily poured into these stand up pouches, thanks to spouts on top. If you are interested in sourcing this particular option, you can find several stand up pouch with spout manufacturers in the USA and one of them is Packaging Globe. The custom stand up pouches supplier has made mark for itself by delivering error-free and quality printed packaging. 

Joining forces with the packaging company means you get to enjoy various free services too, such as free designing, shipment, add-ons, etc. So, feel free to request a custom quote today by sharing your requirements to see if it’s the right packaging partner for your business.  

  • Stiffness and Durability

In spite of their flexibility, stand up pouches are durable and designed to stay upright, even when partially filled. Because of this, they are ideal for products that are resealable or may be used intermittently.

  • Handles

Kraft stand up pouches can also be equipped with handles. Resultantly, consumers will not need to carry an additional bag when carrying the product.

Furthermore, the stand up pouch trend aligns with consumers’ ever changing eating habits. People are shifting away from traditional three main meals and switching to eating snacks and smaller items throughout the day.

According to a study, consumers today are highly likely to replace one or two meals per day with snacks. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of consumers say they consume at least once a day. Stand up pouches support this trend because they are resealable, contain small portions, and are perfect for single-size servings.

Consider Whether Kraft Stand Up Pouches Could Work for You

While stand up pouch packaging isn’t a “one size fits all” solution, it is a flexible, efficient option with a wide variety of uses — and a great addition to the growing selection of more sustainable, customizable options for manufacturers.

If your company makes a product that sounds like a fit for this type of packaging, it’s definitely worth exploring what’s available.

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